Races in Freeport

Humans – Most common, tolerate every race, hold almost all important positions in the city.

Dwarves – Uncommon, uncomfortable in Freeport, mostly passing through.

Elves – Least common race in Freeport.

Half-Elves – Uncommon.

Gnomes – Common, like Freeport, in conflict with kobolds and goblinoids. 

Orcs & Half-Orcs – Common, good labor, tensions rising with all other residents. 

Halflings – Common, almost an infestation. Never on a ship's manifest, yet all over the city. 

Goblins – Uncommon, cheap labor.

Hobgoblins – Common, unofficial authority in Bloodsalt (neighborhood) and abuse their power.

Azhar – Uncommon, mostly sailors and merchants, descendants of efreet.

Kobolds – Uncommon

Planetouched – Rare, two types: aasimars and tieflings


Races in Freeport

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